Throughout history we have transitioned through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. We are now in the midst of a revolutionary age, the Information Age. At MDIS Intelligence we recognize the importance that digital data plays when undertaking an investigation.

We firmly believe in the positive impact OSINT has on an investigation. Our specialists have years of experience investigating corporate espionage; corporate fraud; conflict of interest cases; monitoring of at home and sales staff; employment pre-screening; civil and criminal litigation; difficult locates; and insurance and WSIB matters

Surveillance activities can no longer be commenced efficiently without a thorough Internet probe. OSINT searches may uncover data that successfully assists in the coordination of surveillance, maximizing the potential for results while reducing time spent sitting and waiting, thus, more effectively utilizing the budget.

We are committed to combining the information gathered through OSINT investigations with traditional investigative techniques to provide a complete report to our clients.

OSINT is a specialized and advanced method for extracting Internet based evidence and manipulating it into actionable intelligence through rigorous data mining and cross-referencing. Through the use of search engines, social networks and other similar sites, our experts are able to acquire information from multiple areas of the Internet, thus portraying a complete background profile of an individual.

Such evidence can include, employment information and under the table earnings; evidence contrary to 24-hour care giver support; incriminating photographs and statements; online tracking of carpel tunnel claimants; and current/upcoming activities. OSINT has also been highly successful in difficult locates of witnesses and for subrogation matters.

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